Day= On December 18th 2011, Disneyland Paris was complete pandemonium, the queues for the good rides, like Space Mountain, Aerosmith, etc., were 1 hour long. So you have to go on all the baby rides like It’s A Small World. I am not saying that it is a bad ride, it is acutuly quite good, […]

Shakespeare explores fate in Romeo and Juliet, like when a servant from the Capulet household cannot read so he goes up to Romeo and asks him if he can read and he says ” Ay,mine own fortune in my misery” and sees Rosline’s name on the party list and then the servant says “Now I’ll […]

friar John arrives back from Mantua with new saying he did not give the letter to Romeo due to infection. then friar Lawrence says I will write another letter and get me a crowbar I need to get Juliet  out because she will freak out if Romeo is not there so I will get her and […]

Paris is talking to friar Lawrence Juliet enters and starts being sarcastic to Paris. Juliet and friar Lawrence make a plan for Juliet to take a potion then she will be sleeping for 42 hours but the potion also makes her look and feel dead so then she will go to the capulet tomb  and […]

capulet is talking to Paris about Paris getting married to Juliet.Then Lady Capulet comes in and starts taklking about the wedding as well, they set Wednesday as a date, Capulet says “what day is it today?” Then Paris says “Monday sir”, so Capulet says ” it’s Monday then Wednesday is to soon so I propose […]

I believe haig was a butcher because he was not being nice to the troops. I believe this because he was not letting the people with trench foot go home . Haig was also a butcher because of the terrible killing and they did not advance anywhere he also did not call for reinforcements. He […]

french are being fought constially at verdun for 5months. 700,000 French soldiers die at verdun. Britain decide to fight Germans at somme Britan lose 420,000 men britan lose 60,000 men in one day French lose 200,000 men the Germans lose nearly 500,000 men in the Somme. allies have been locked in with Germany since November […]